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"...Palomino Park was developed for an invited Landscape Contest for artist-architect-teams for Bahndeckel near Theresienwiese, Munich.

In Munich they probably hoped for a suggestion of some kind of participatory planning process. This is not what we suggested. Palomino Park is an attempt, to make visible the real interests hidden behind the humanist facade of the contest and the idea of an art-park. we tried to design a park completely from the world of commodities. We chose the form of the golf course, as this is one of the most prestigious, ideologic and commodified forms of a garden, eating larger and larger amounts of territory around the affluent parts of the world. The Golf Course Garden would be surrounded by a high fence, and you would only get in through corporate style revolving doors.

Key feature: the "Hole in One" tee off area. The automatic machine on the right is filled with tenthousand new economy shares. You get one, if you hit a hole in one. Middle left: reconstruction of the bombcraters in Zigeunerwäldchen, Essen, as bunker.

The MCM (Marcus Chromer München) pool would work as a melancholic reminder of the transitoriness of all companies.

Artist Christoph Schäfer chose to work with Günther Greis of arbos Landschaftsarchitekten, who he collaborated with him before on the Park Fiction project."

Palomino Park, design for Munich Bahndeckel near Theresienwiese, München, Christoph Schäfer with Günter Greis/arbos, 2002